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The Universe has an infinite capacity to give to you.
Develop your capacity to receive by healing your chakras.

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experience is the way

2018 and forward,
The years of extreme change,
Are you prepared energetically?

Align your Mind - Body - Soul - Spirit
Chakra Healing Intensive.
The creative process of
Maximising daily progress energy reaching new frontiers.

Learn Chakra Healing with Satish

Cleansing Balancing Healing

An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

in Los Angeles, California

Transform your Life in just 3 days!

Healing is an invitation to discover glamour within

Chakras are your doors and windows to the universe.
As the petals of your chakras open gracefully,
the love and the light of the universe flow into your life.
Where you experience -
You are a part of this universe.
You are connected.
This connection is magic.

This connection makes you
An excellent receiver of good quality positive energy of the universe.
To receive, two conditions need to be fulfilled.
a. Your cup is clean and empty
b. Your container is in a receiving position.

chakra cleansing

Everybody wants big things in their life,
better relationships, more money, more time, more freedom etc.
Authentic seekers do not run after these things.
Authentic seeker asks one question -
How can I be a clean vessel to hold good energy?
How can I be a bigger and a better vessel to receive good energy?
Universe will go out of it's way to fill your clean cup...
if you are in a receiving mode.

Become an excellent receiver doing
chakra cleansing and balancing at nine levels:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial,
Occupational, Psychic and Karmic.

Chakra healing empowers you from the inside out
to playfully and blissfully create everything you need and desire.

Chakra healing will show you how you can
fulfill your most treasured goals and desires.
Not by making window-dressing changes,
but by connecting with your core-being.

If you want your life to work for you,
chakra healing is one significant piece of the puzzle...
And it's a piece that's been missing for too long.

You will learn with Practical Hands-on-Training

Chakra Wisdom explores understanding
chakras and their functions, chakra awareness, chakra scanning,
co-relation between chakras and day to day life challenges.

Chakra Harmonics helps build a strong spiritual foundation
applying chakra polarity and chakra harmony.

Clutter from the mind,
Clutter from the heart,
Clutter from the home,
Time to let it all go...
Spring Cleaning!!!

Chakra Cleansing creates Sacred Space in your body
by releasing stuck energy in each chakra.
Use Chakra Cleansing for Abundance Manifestation.

Finding the magical source of bliss within.

Transform dis-ease and dysfunctional patterns on the cellular level
with ancient healing techniques that you can use from day one.
Elevate your healing skills to the next level.

Skills for uneven, uncertain and changing climate of life.
Skills that position you in an empowering space.
Skills that will transform you forever...

The power of active listening, inner listening,
receiving guidance, channeling Love and
Compassion: the ultimate healing power.
Know the difference between a healer and a technician.

Healing the past, Sense of direction and clarity about the future and
to have multi-purpose energy healing tools in the present and
the wisdom - when to use the tools and when to just be,
Is the most valuable gift you can ever give yourself or your loved ones.

a speechless space where all you can express is
heartfelt gratitude.

High-frequency healing energy transmission throughout the class to
nourish your mind -body - soul - spirit.

Hara alignment for manifesting your highest potential,
identifying core belief patterns:
transforming the deep wounds of the soul and
welcoming your spirit into your body.
Earth is blessed by a centered and grounded "Luminous You."

Creating congruency between mind and the body.
Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

Specific techniques for opening the third eye chakra and
tapping into your inner cosmos.

It's a blessing to be around someone whose heart is open...
feels like being kissed by the warm sun.
Heart is the center of magic and meaning in life and
the head is the center of logic.
Balancing your head and heart,
you heal the pain of rejection, abandonment, and anger.
Opening your heart chakra opens you to your graceful beauty that
shines light and love on your path to a new set of possibilities and
opportunities in life because
when you "see" through the eyes of your heart,
life is a spectacular parade of colors.

Protecting and shielding your energy field from harmful influences,
psychic vampires and psychic attack.
Learn to block intrusive vibrations from external sources.
Diffuse the magnitude of psychic interference.
Understand the role of the light and the dark forces in your life.
Stay centered and grounded in turbulent times.
Feel playfully comfortable in your body.

Yoga Nidra - art of ultimate relaxationLearn the art of yogic sleep and
you will find lots of negative and stressful blocks in the body and mind dissolving.
Yesssss restful sleep is an art. Rarely someone does it right.
Yoga Nidra makes your mind alert,
improves your decision making power and
you feel relaxed, centered and grounded.
The amount of Harmonic Resonance that happens in your life
is directly proportional to
the centered stress-free energy you carry with you.

Karmic roots exist in 2 kinds of karmas - sukarma and vikarma.
Akarma is the pathway to heal karma from its base roots.

That's what we call inner work.

Nothing to buy. Nothing to sell. Nothing to market.
Nobody to impress.
Meditative focus on inner work for
sincere seekers of the light within.

Two persons were traveling through the night.
One had a lamp, another had no lamp.
But while they were both walking together their path was lit.
The path of the one who had no lamp was also lit,
and he was very happy.
He never bothered about any lamp - what was the need?
But then they came to a crossroad,
and the man who had a lamp had to go his way.
Suddenly there was darkness.
Now the other man suffered very much.
He started crying and weeping, saying,
“Why didn't I learn how to make a lamp?
Why didn't I ask the man how to light the lamp?
My own lamp - even if it were small -
would have been better than this...
...but I never thought about it.
I had thought everything was going so well,
so what was the need - The path was lit.
But now.....”

Know why so many people have shallow relationships,
romantically and socially,
and what can you do to deepen relationships!
Good relationships are merely an exchange of good energy
whether it's romance or business or politics.
A "push mode" solar plexus pushes people away and
a "pull mode" solar plexus drains energy from other people.
Learn how to create an inviting and welcoming energy field
around you that gives you a welcoming glow.

Feel safe, secure and confident in your body
as you balance your crown chakra and the root chakra.

Open and balance your throat chakra
as you heal your unfinished business and feel more purposeful.
Find peaceful solutions to everyday problems
as you take your communication skills to a new realm.
Learn the difference between communication and vomiting words.

Experience abundance at all levels:
Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love and Friendship.
See your abundance graph rising day by day using Chakra Magic.

Discover the difference between concentration and meditation.
Effective techniques for the modern mind.
Journey to your deep inner space called Home Within. Healing light illuminates dying light The only healing magic worth learning is be a lit lamp

An experience that will touch your soul.

Los Angeles, California

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